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What's an idea exchange?

An idea exchange is a collection of ideas posted by community members. Ideas can include anything from new product requests to suggestions about how to improve a product or service or the community board itself.  Everyone in the community can see and vote on ideas.

Adding an idea is exactly like posting a message on a board, and voting for ideas is like replying to a topic.

How do I post an idea in an idea exchange?

Posting an idea is just like posting a message on a board. As the Idea Exange is like the other sections, there is really no difference.

To post your idea:

1. Go to the idea exchange section where you want to post an idea.
    Tip: It's a good idea to search the idea exchange first to make sure that someone else hasn't already posted the same idea.

2. Click New Question, as you would normally do.

3. Type an Idea Subject and the body of your idea.
    You can use simple HTML, format the text, or add links or images. You can also preview your idea and check your spelling before you post the idea.

4. To receive email when someone comments on your idea, mark the "Alert me by email when someone posts to this thread" box.

5.Click Post Message.

How do I vote for an idea I like?

You vote for an idea by simply reply to the Idea. If you like the idea, you can post a comment saying "I like this Idea.." and so on. In this way, it will be easier for us in the community team to see if the users want this or not. It would be like giving feedback.

How do I know if my idea will be implemented?

We in the community team will go through every idea you post. There is no guarantee that just your idea will be developed.
If we decide to accept an idea, we will first go ahead and mark your Idea as [Solved] and notify you.

As the community is for our users and people, we want you to feel comfortable when you visit the EXCE Community - Help Center & Forums.
So go ahead. Post and vote on idea in the Idea Exchange section.

What's a Permalink?

A permalink, short for permanent link, is the URL for a specific idea in an idea exchange. In an active idea exchange with lots of entries, a particular idea will only stay on the New Ideas tab for a short period of time. It becomes hard to bookmark a specific idea or to email a link when the idea you want is replaced with something new.

This is where permalinks come in handy. They take you directly to a specific idea, rather than to the idea exchange's front page.

To use a permalink:

1. Click Permalink in the topic/idea options. Options > Permalink.

2. Copy the URL that appears in your browser's navigation toolbar.

3. Paste the link wherever you need it.
Here to help you in any way I can. If you need in-depth assistance, please post your questions and issues in the Support Section.