[NEW!*] Community Ranks & Badges

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Posted by EXCE_Frost EXCE_Frost

Update 17.01.2014:

Hello everyone,

As part of the downtime of our community forums, we've took a few minutes to update the various titles awarded and badges to active members. We wanted to make it easier to progress through the levels as you participate here within the community.
Hope you like this and we're still making improvements to this. If you think there should be more badges, let us know and there may be a chance that we add more.

*Please note that the badges are more for fun. Some are official but mostly for making your profile a bit more personal.
You can earn these badges by posting in the community forums and by helping other community members.


 Hero: Handpicked community members who are extremely active and very helpful community members. They know the community from inside and out and they're a good role model on how a community member should be. These are the heroes.

 Among the Stars: Very dedicated users. They have posted much, helped many other users and been very active within the community

 Vanguard: Been there, done that. You are highly recommended by the others and people know who you are.

 Making Friends: People are starting to know you. You have been a very active member and people want to get to know you.

 Going Steady: You are on good way. You have just left the newbie stage and you are on the way to become a role model. Don't mess it up now!

 Newbie: You have just got your feet on the ground and you are hungry to explore the community. Don't forget to read the community rules first.

- Sincerely, Frost