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EXCE_Capt. Jack
Community Manager
How do I post a message/topic?

To post a message:

1. Go to the board/section/forum where you want to post.
2. Click the New Question link.
3. In the Subject field, enter your message title.
Tip: Make your subject clear and concise, as it is the only part of the message that shows up on the message-listing page.

How do I reply to a message?

Click Reply to respond to a particular post.

The Reply Message screen is similar to the Post Message screen, with these differences:

• When you reply to a post, the subject line is filled in automatically. You can change it if you want.
• You can paste the message to which you are replying into the body of your reply by clicking Quote.

You reply is added the existing thread. It won't create a new thread.

Have questions or need help? Let us know right away!

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